How much money will I get every month “specifically” when I retire for as long as I am alive? Can you or your advisor answer this question? If not, this event is a must attend.

You are cordially invited to an educational dinner event for area residents who are retired or nearing retirement. This is an educational workshop with NO attempts to sell specific products; however, you will learn how you can find out the answer to the above question. Well-known local retirement specialist Jeffrey Everson will reveal the latest proven techniques and strategies to help you preserve your capital, get more income, decrease your risk and reduce your tax burden. Learn what the Government and other advisors don’t want you to know.

Best of all, you will leave with valuable information you can act upon immediately such as:

  • Learn how to turn IRA’s, 401k’s or any retirement funds into huge monthly checks.
  • How to maximize your Social Security benefits and how to minimize taxes on them.
  • Understanding the difference between a Saver and an Investor and why it’s crucial to your planning.
  • Why you need principal protection, growth and income for life and much, much more!
  • The truth about annuities that your advisor won’t tell you.
  • Is your annuity the best one available on the market?
  • How to pass your IRA to your children or grandchildren without giving most of it to the IRS